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MAiA - Mirees Alumni International Association

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MAiA, the official MIREES Alumni International Association, was founded in 2012 by an enthusiastic group of MIREES graduates and thanks to the support of the MIREES partner universities, with the purpose of creating a solid platform to link the former students of the Program among themselves and to their Alma Mater. The Association aims at sharing expertise and career achievements of MIREES graduates, supporting the program’s dissemination worldwide and backing internships and employment opportunities.In March 2014 MAiA became an official associate partner of the Program.

The Association has presented to MIREES international faculty a solid agenda of goals for the mandate 2020-23.

MAIA’s priorities are divided in three pillars:

  1. Actively foster and cultivate MIREES community worldwide
  2. Create and share opportunities for MIREES alumni
  3. Establish structured partnerships with traditional and new stakeholders

During the first year of its activities within the 2020-23 mandate, MAiA realized and launched several projects, among which:

  • the second Alumni census;
  • a survey aimed at Alumni to learn their expectations from MAiA, University of Bologna and Partner Universities as well as collect proposals;
  • 5 seminars (Open Lectures series) aimed at MIREES students in which the Alumni presented 5 different job perspectives;
  • 3 MAiA sponsored Internships for recent graduates;
  • a yearlong campaign aimed at promotion of MIREES for the enrollment campaign for the 2021-2022 academic year;
  • the partnerships with online newspaper East Journal and with the Istituto Per l’Europa Centro-Orientale e Balcanica (IECOB);
  • the launch of the new MAiA website and newsletter
  • the new formats of the graduation ceremony & the welcoming day
  • a new Statute

MAiA is open to all MIREES graduates, who are considered “Members” of the Association enjoying full affiliation and election rights. The “Members” are regularly updated about the Association’s development and ongoing projects through the official Newsletter and communication. MAiA’s Assembly of Members elects the Executive Board, the main governing body of the Association.

At the same time MAiA welcomes the active collaboration of MIREES graduates and offers the opportunity to become “Active Members”. Active members enjoy the possibility be part of the decision-making process and to apply for the part-time rewarded contributions.

All active members form the Advisory Board. The Advisory Board provides independent feedback to the Executive Board and ensures that the Association outputs are fit for purpose.

MAiA Organizational Chart

Executive Board

Valentina Gilardoni, President 

Faris Mahmutović, Vice-President

Elsa Pacella, Treasurer

Caterina Ghobert, Secretary

Adriano Remiddi, Counsellor

Advisory Board

Valentina Gilardoni, Elsa Pacella, Faris Mahmutovic, Adriano Remiddi, Caterina Ghobert, Ilaria Zaggia, Myriam Marino, Daniela Viggiano, Francesca Carpinella, Greta Baccaro, Xhorxhina Molla, Demirel Bojaxhiu, Ana Harrington, Marzia Bona, Eugenia Pesci, Nicola Zordan, Sara Scardavilli, Natalia Scandurra,  Milan Milenković, Lara Otonicar, Claudia Pretto, Florinda Giacomelli, Giulia Pilia, Josipa Rizankoska, Irina Korovinskaya, Aleksandar Kostandinov

For any enquiry, comment or proposal, please contact:
School of Political Sciences, Forlì Campus
Via Giacomo della Torre, 1 - 47121 Forlì (Italy)