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Career opportunities

Clamda-IM graduates will be prepared to move to higher levels of their careers, across multiple industries and sectors.

CLAMDA-IM students outside the school

Clamda-IM graduates will be prepared to move to higher levels of their careers, across multiple industries and sectors. They will gain access to a wider range of managerial positions in management consultancy companies, ‘blue chip’ manufacturing and service companies, and major retail industries.
They may also join Ph.D. programmes.


International or Domestic Companies with an international market
Clamda-IM graduates may enter interna​tional or domestic companies with a  junior/ assistant role that typically pursue careers as general and operations manager, sales and marketing, product development, project management.
Consultancy companies
Clamda-IM graduates may enter consultancy companies with a junior role as management analysts or management consultants

Start-Ups and New Businesses
Clamda-IM Strategy&Entrepreneurship ​stream provides the specific knowledge to run or improve an innovative business or launch a start-up. Graduates have explored the many dimensions of new venture creation & growth and acquired the capability to foster innovation and new business formations in independent and corporate settings.

Marketing Management

Clamda-IM Marketing Management stream provides a deep​er knowledge in the marketing of international companies. Graduates may pursue careers as research and marketing consultant and enter international companies business units and sales.


 Clamda-IM graduates have recently been placed as:

 - Google - Support specialist (Dublin- Ireland)

- Max Mara (Italy) - marketing intern

- LinkedIn - Entrerprise Consultant - Talent Solution (Dublin-Ireland)

- Mind the Bridge - Intern Programme Management (San Francisco - US)

- Y​oox N​et-​a-Porter Group - Product Owner - (Bologna - Italy)

- Amazon - Brand Specialist (Madrid - Spain)

- Lamborghini - Marketing CRM Specialist (Bologna - Italy)

- Bain & Company - Associate consultant (Bologna - Italy)

- Duracell - Head of Marketing and Trade Marketing(Rome - Italy)

- Tetra Pak - Future Talent Program - Digital Marketing Associate(Modena - Italy)

- Zalando - Analytics & Planning (Berlin - Germany)

- ​Dell - Financial Analyst (Bratislava - Slovak Republic)

- Calvin Klein Jeans - Global Merchandiser (Amsterdam -  Netherland)

- Associate at PwC Italy (Bologna - Italy)

- Business Controller at Ferrari (Maranello - Italy)

- IBM - SAP & Analytics Consultant ​(Groningen - Netherlands)

- China Investment Co., Ltd - Investment Project Management (Shanghai - China)

- Salvatore Ferragamo - Trade Marketing Intern (Ravenna - Italy)