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1 award for a thesis on personal data protection and technological innovation

The Centro Studi Privacy e Nuove Tecnologie announces 1 award for theses on topics related to the relationship between personal data protection and technological innovation. Deadline 31 July

The 1st semester course timetable has been published

Take a look and start imagining your days at the University.

Competition for prizes within the 2024 Safety Week

If you have developed a project applicable to health and safety protection in digital work, participate in the competition from 1 to 30 September. A prize of 1,500 euros is up for grabs.

2 awards for theses on the protection of the mountain environment

The CAI of Veneto announce 2 awards in memory of Fabio Favaretto, with a total value of 2000 euros, for theses on the use and protection of Alpine or Apennine mountain areas. Deadline 31 August 2024

1 award for a thesis on private listed buildings

The ADSI announces 1 award for a thesis of € 1500 on the preservation, maintenance and valorisation of private listed buildings. Deadline 2 August 2024

Awards for research theses on equal opportunities and gender issues

The Forum of Meritocracy announces the award "Valeria Soresin" divided into more awards of € 28,900 to promote reflections about participation of women in society. Deadline 31 July 2024.