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ClamDA-IM Global Reunion 2018

An extraordinary event bringing together hundreds of alumni and students from Italy and abroad with the goal to celebrate a piece of history which unites us all and which gave you and us as well, many unforgettable memories, inside and outside the classroom.

December 21, 2018

To properly celebrate our priceless collective identity, with the help of a generous team of alumni and students we have organized a very special day, dense with meetings, roundtables and opportunities for networking with an amazing community of alumni, strong of over 1000 professionals scattered across many different industries, countries and management domains.

A day of debates on cutting edge topics in management, inspirational talks from special guests, and also fun experiments in collaborative art making! More importantly, some of our distinguished alumni have shared their professional and personal journeys from Clamda and beyond.

280 participants: alumni, students and professors  have joined from Italy, Europe and overseas: France, Germany, Ireland, UK, Netherlands, US


15 speakers and testimonials

Francesco Baschieri VoxNext Furio Gianforme class 2007 Google
Gianluca Di Loreto Bain & Co. Giorgia Sterza class 2013 Jaguar
Elisa Fagotto Openjobmetis Carlo Taurisano class 2013 Granarolo
Roberto Fagotto Visual Artist Megan Clancy class 2014 Maserati
Alberto Forchielli Mandarin Capital Partners Amanda Whitmore class 2019 Bio Bloom Cosmetics
Bebop G. Gresta Hyperloop Transportation Technologies Enrico Armilli class 2010 Google
Oscar di Montigny Banca Mediolanum
Giulia Poli Amazon Italia
Fabio Zaffagnini Rockin’1000

4 Best Students and Best Professors awards

1 Master's Degree Business Administration – International Management #weareallCLAMDA


Checking in and registering with the help of volunteer students

Simone Ferriani gives the kick-off speech: we are ready!

Oscar Di Montigny

The time of the new heroes - The need to use this moment to promote change in our age

Speaker's panel: "Key competencies to thrive in today's evolving job market"

Gianluca Di Loreto - Partner @ Bain and Company Elisa Fagotto - Head of Open Innovation @ Openjobmetis Francesco Baschieri - Entrepreneur, President @ Voxnest with prof. Lorenzo Massa

Clamda alumni sharing their professional experiences

Giulia Poli

Multicultural and diversity management: recognizing and valuing individual differences

#we are all Clamda!

ClamDA-IM Global Reunion - group work

Happy organization commitee!

Bipop Gresta and his inspiring experience

Introduching Clamda Mentorship Programme

ClamDA-IM Global Reunion

Thanking our guests with a gadget from Piquadro

ClamDA-IM Global Reunion

Alberto Giacomo Forchielli

Best students and best professors awards

Fabio Zaffagnini Rokin'1000

Harnessing the Power of Communities to Foster Change and Innovation: The Rockin1000 Case

Elena Galli and Gianluca Venturi, our super presenters

ClamDA-IM Global Reunion