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IM events: Macfuge 2019

IM students meet Macfuge for building a marketing strategy together!

December 2019

Before dealing with Macfuge, an Italian engineering firm based in Ozzano dell’Emilia, we had no idea about industrial centrifuges and the complex world behind it. Now we are not mechanical engineers, but we would feel more than confident in talking with them. IM has the power to give you a great bunch of knowledge in a short time.

Thanks to Alessandra Raggi, the professor of B2B international marketing, we had the opportunity to meet Filippo Ferrari, the business developer of Macfuge.

Mr. Ferrari presented us its company which develops and sells industrial centrifuges for different business sectors: food and beverage, oil & gas, biofuels, chemicals, water marine treatment. Each division has its own challenges and development opportunities. That’s why the class, divided in five groups, had to prepare an effective marketing strategy for each business sector.

It was a challenging task as each group had to contact potential customers and talk with professional figures such as: technical engineers, marketing managers, buyers or even CEOs. Starting from the information collected, the groups developed a market report, assessing the legal framework and the market characteristics, and subsequently a marketing strategy which consisted in four steps: probing, segmenting, targeting and positioning.

The groups presented their reports on the final day of the course to Mr. Ferrari and the CEO of Macfuge, who gave us their valuations and feedback about the work done. Thanks to the IM students’ work, Macfuge has a broader picture of their relative markets and they will consider implementing some of the actions suggested by the groups.

We are grateful to Alessandra Raggi, Macfuge and IM for giving us this enriching opportunity, we are looking forward to challenge ourselves again with other interesting cases!


Stefano Posillico on behalf of the B2B marketing class 2019.