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Senior seminar in Global Humanities

Short intensive courses and lectures taught by guests and visitings from all over the world

Senior Seminar in Global Humanities is conceived as an interdisciplinary space of discussion around the so called "spatial turn" that is investing all fields of the Humanities (history, anthropology, geography, philosophy, political theory).

Students are expected to attend at least four (4) short intensive courses. Senior seminar is a pass/no pass class and, in order to get 6 credits (CFU), students are required to deliver a 3000-word paper on one of the short intensive courses attended, starting from the end of May 2024.

Students must email their paper on one of the courses attended in the AY 2023/2024 to from May 30, 2024 to March 31, 2025. Please send your paper in the following format: .docx or .odt or .rtf. No registration on AlmaEsami is needed.